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What is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a cosmetic procedure to treat telangiectasias, otherwise known as spider veins. They appear on the legs and calves as small veins that are blue, purple or red. Spider veins affect both men and women. The sclerotherapy procedure can also be used to eliminate other effects of spider veins, such as night cramps and swelling or aching legs.

There are a number of reasons why spider veins occur. They may be a hereditary complaint passed on through members of the family. The sufferer may have an occupation that requires standing for long periods of time. Recent weight gain or pregnancy may also contribute to the appearance of spider veins.

The treatment of spider veins is quite simple. A highly concentrated solution of saline water is injected directly into the treatment veins. This solution causes the treated vein to break down and over a period of several days will disappear completely. Treatments usually range from 2 to 6 thirty minute sessions over a period of several weeks. While new veins may appear over time, the treated veins will not return.

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