What is Platelet Rich Plasma Procedures for Intimus ?

Female Sexual Rejuvenation

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In females, PRP can be injected into the upper portion of the vagina to minimize the effects of mild female urinary incontinence. This is performed by stimulating the growth of new cells between the roof of the vagina and the urethra, aiding to close the urethra more completely. It can also be injected into the clitoris or G-Spot (Grafenberg Spot). This will volumize the clitoris and improve sensitivity in females experiencing difficulty in achieving orgasm or females who do not experience orgasm at all. It has also been shown to improve in females experiencing vaginal dryness (a common complaint during menopause).

Male Sexual Rejuvenation

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In males, PRP can be injected into the center core of the penis (corpus cavernosum) and in the crown of the penis. In the corpus cavernosum, the PRP will stimulate new cell tissue growth that will aid in increasing girth (circumference) of the penis. In many cases, the use of PRP therapy has also been found to aid in straightening a curved penis. In the crown of the penis, the PRP will aid in the increase in general size of the crown. There are reports of PRP aiding in increasing the length of the penis but factual results vary from patient to patient. There are also clinical studies being conducted to determine the benefits of PRP therapy for patients suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED).